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What is Bookon CRM?

It's a simple and user-friendly business management system for a beauty salon or any service company.

Automates routine, streamlines, and simplifies work with clients and beauty salon masters in 1 hour.
Increase the number of visits and optimize expenses.

What does Bookon CRM give

Control and management of visit records. No overlays in the schedule, you do not lose clients.

Increase beauty salon attendance up to 60% with smart features. More new clients, more visits.

Prevention of no-shows and lateness. Clients will not forget about the appointment.

More new visits. Online booking to the beauty salon works 24/7 without the involvement of the administrator.

All information for the owner in the palm of your hand: the most popular employees, the most popular services, hours and days of work of the company; reports on non-standard visits.

How does Bookon CRM work?


The administrator keeps records in a comfortable online calendar of visits.


The administrator receives information about all visitors scheduled for the next day and reminds them of the appointment.


After visiting the beauty salon, each client receives a message with a proposal to rate the quality of the master's work and service in the beauty salon.


Control, accounting of visits and earnings is carried out. The owner of the beauty salon sees a whole picture of the number of services provided by the masters.

The work of the beauty salon is effective, and customers are satisfied.
The attendance of the beauty salon is growing.

Best 12
features of Bookon CRM

Calendar of visits

The schedule of customer visits in a convenient calendar. Record clients in 3 clicks. Available on all devices

Smart features to increase repeat visits

A set of features for the return of existing customers, which together increase the attendance of the beauty salon up to 60%

Prevention of no-shows and delays of clients

Automatic reminders about the visit in any convenient way (Call, SMS)

Online booking 24/7

Appointment to the beauty salon works 24/7 without the involvement of the administrator

Control of beauty salon indicators

Data on the beauty salon's earnings: by employees, by clients, by day and for the selected period in one click

Control and management of beauty salon load and staff time

Beauty salon load analytics. Information by days, hours and specialists

Smart telephony for the beauty salon

Information about the client during the call, recordings of conversations, control over lost calls and history of all conversations in the client's card

Special offer!

2nd and 3rd months are free.

Convenient auto calculation of salaries

Quick settings for automatic salary calculation

Convenient management of the loyalty program

Ready-to-use loyalty program. Can be set up in 5 minutes

Feedback after each visit

Automatic survey of clients about the quality of services after each visit

Mobile application for a specialist

Mobile application for each employee with work schedule and earnings details

Mobile application for your beauty salon

App for IOS and Android with beauty salon services and for recording clients. Turnkey solution. Free of charge

Why do you need Bookоn СRM

To make new customers become regular and return again and again

To avoid losing customers due to schedule overlays and confusion in the schedule

To prevent cancellations, no-shows and lateness

To get more clients, thanks to online booking 24/7

To see data by masters, days, and for the selected period and control the earnings of the beauty salon

for Bookon CRM


1 salon, up to 5 masters.
Additional master - 4,4 euro/month


Bookon One

1 salon, 1-2 masters.
A rate for self-employed

2nd and 3rd month
for 1 beauty salon

(5 masters included)

2nd and 3rd month

How to connect Bookon?

Tell the Bookon CRM expert about your business and the tasks that need to be solved

We will do everything for you. In 1 hour, the expert will set up the Bookon system for your business

Gather all administrators for training, which will be provided by our expert

Start increasing the efficiency of employees and earnings of your beauty salon!

Special offer!

Pay for one month and get two more for free.


Второй и третий
месяц бесплатно!

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