Smart management of sales, processes
and client communication

Why do you need
Smart CRM?

To help managers sell to clients quickly and with pleasure.

To increase the quantity and quality of sales.

To motivate clients to buy only from you for the quality service.

Best 9
features Smart CRM

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Smart features for deal management

You see information about all deals: where the sale was successful and completed in a short time, and where something went wrong. You can influence deals at any stage.

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Sales funnel - easy to set up and understandable in use

It has never been easier to work with deals. You can see when and at what stage the last communication with the client was and what the manager's next steps are.

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Client base management

The customer base is the main asset of the company, and Smart CRM is its reliable storage. Customer data is safe, and smart features allow managers to work with them effectively.

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Task feed as a manager's personal assistant

Smart CRM generates a list of tasks every day, according to the movement of clients through the funnel. It is impossible to forget to call back or send a commercial offer to a client, because the system will remind you of everything.

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Full history of each deal

A structured history of work and communication with the client will allow the supervisor to understand at a glance why the deal was successful or failed.

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2nd and 3rd months are free

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A single platform for handling calls and deals. Telephony in CRМ

There is no need to switch between systems or integrate them. Now everything in one client card: information about the client during the call, conversations records, control of missed calls, history of all conversations and much more now in Smart CRM.

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Analysis and minimization of unsuccessful deals

Every unsuccessful deal has a reason for failure. Smart CRM collects data on unsuccessful deals in special reports that will help you analyze everything and minimize failures to a minimum.

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Automation of routine processes

Automated creation of tasks, reminders, and mailings will help managers not to get lost in the routine and focus on the most important thing - sales.

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Full picture of the company's work

Important company metrics are organized into useful reports. One glance in the Analytics section of Smart CRM and you'll immediately see what's going according to plan and what you should pay special attention to.

Ready-made client service model for sales growth

This is a perfect mix of working solutions from the world's top CRM systems, which we have adapted to the realities of modern business.


How does
Smart CRM?

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The manager works in a comfortable online space Smart CRM, where everything is visible at a glance.

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The system automatically guides the client through the sales funnel, directing the manager's actions in the right way.

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The supervisor sees what each manager and the entire department are doing. He/she can quickly influence the work progress of the department.

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Clients receive the best service without surprises and unexpected things. They stay with you forever and recommend you to others.



Smart CRM

License for
1 employee


2nd and 3rd months


How to connect
Smart CRM?

Tell a Smart CRM expert about your business and the tasks you need to solve

We take your CRM settings and return a ready-made working system for your business in an hour

We teach your team to work in Smart CRM

Now your business is running like clockwork. And you can spend time on more important things.

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